About Donna C. Rodgers

15178976_1331029863596314_773663969486681703_nDonna Rodgers’ sculptures are inspired by Classical literature or artists of the Italian Renaissance. Her models have all been family members or friends which she believes brings a genuine personality into each piece.

Donna’s technical goal as a new artist has been to push the limits of human expression and emotion in clay under the guidance of her teacher, Michael Sean Kirby. She believes that love, courage, joy, pain and even rage are common feelings experienced by each of us at pivotal moments in our lives. Her desire is to capture those moments in a way that brings compassion and understanding for our own humanness as created in God’s image.

Donna learned her love of sculpting from her father, Steve A. Smith, a blue collar worker by day and unknown classical sculptor by night. After 24 years of homeschooling her five children, she excitedly picked up the tools inherited from her father and began a course of self-study with classically-oriented New Masters Academy. She has studied under 30 yr. master sculptor Michael Sean Kirby, owner of The Sculpture Workshop in Houston and art education teacher for the Houston school district for the last 3 years. While talented in classical sculpting methods and style, he has strongly influenced her with his current abstract and modern approach.

She recently earned her B.A. in Fine Arts from Witherspoon Seminary, Magnolia, Tx. The great books course taught by Mark Cole has inspired much of her art work! She is also a member of the Conroe Art League. Her major artistic influences have been Mike Kirby, Shannon Mucha, Michelangelo, Auguste Rodin, Johanna Schwaiger and Eric Michael Wilson.  

Donna and Tim Rodgers, and son, Christian (SHSU student), live 20 miles east of Willis, Texas in the Sam Houston National Forest. She works from her beloved home studio on 7 lovely acres with two sweet dogs, and 11 beautiful chickens!  When not working at her day job online, she can be found sculpting to the cool sounds of Michael Buble’ Pandora!