15178976_1331029863596314_773663969486681703_nDonna and Tim Rodgers, happily married for 30 yrs., have five grown children and eleven grandchildren. After 20+ years of homeschooling, Donna is now a student herself! As an Art Education major at John Witherspoon Seminary of Magnolia, Tx., she is learning to sculpt from Michael Sean Kirby of The Sculpture Workshop and from online lessons and distance coaching at New Masters Academy . This blog is an avenue to share her learning process.

Donna has now been sculpting for almost two years. You can follow her on #donnacrodgers on instagram.

Her goal is to help others who also wish to learn to sculpt and perhaps give them some guidance along the way. She discovered that it’s not hard to learn to sculpt, but it can be very confusing figuring out how to get started as there are so many options.

In particular, she found that learning how to sculpt in the classical tradition is challenging because instructors are hard to find and this style of sculpting isn’t very popular anymore–especially at local colleges.

What is sculpting? Who can you learn from? What sort of tools and books do you need? Does anyone teach sculpting classes? These are questions she will try to answer for you here.


She discovered that there are many styles of sculpting: abstract, figurative, portrait, bas reliefs, still life, etc. and many materials to sculpt wood, stone, wax, metal, found items and of course, her goal–clay sculpture in the classical style. Depending on what kind of sculpture you are looking to create, your tools, methods and materials will vary.

What she hopes to share on this blog are the resources and tools for sculpting with clay, primarily in the classical tradition, meaning full-figure sculpting along the lines of Greek and Roman style. The goal is to get to 1/2 and perhaps even life-size sculpting!

She has been sculpting for about two years, so she’s still learning, but will share her ‘ah-ha’ moments and the tips she discovers along the way for those who would like a little help getting started.