Basic Tools and Supplies


  • Sculpting Stand from Amazon for $123.57  (This stand is a little stiff. If I could have afforded it I would have gotten the one crafted by The Sculpture House which you can also get through Amazon.)31c3t43IVLL
  • Water-based clay (If you want to save your sculptures without making a mold.)
  • or Plastilina (Oil-based clay) if you aren’t sentimental. Plastilina will never dry. You have to make a mold of your finished sculpture and pour a cast from the mold for a permanent edition.
  • Large paint stirrers from building supply store
  • Large curved wooden tool (I used a wooden spoon)
  • Soft rubber kidney for smoothing (I used a soft mixing spatula from the kitchen)
  • Large ribbon rake tool

Here’s a basic set of tools for a great price from Amazon for $7.90!

Another view of these tools from Amazon pictured above.