The Ten Commandments Tablets

My husband, Tim, and I teach Sunday School together at Koinonia Church. We love bringing things that help the kids picture what we are studying. Of course, I couldn’t resist trying to make a set of tablets for the Ten Commandments!

I decided to roll out some reclaimed clay from previous projects to make clay slabs. When you look online, most of these tablets are very smooth and uniform with the characteristic curved tops. I decided to aim for something a bit more rustic.

I used Saran Wrap to keep the clay from sticking. Then I pressed the slabs against a big stone to texture the surface.

First I traced the lettering lightly just to make sure all of the words were spaced evenly. I had to make a couple of attempts before I had a letter size that would work. I used a small rock to retexture those spots.

I used a small wire-tipped tool to carve the letters deeper.

I think it’s going pretty well! I’ll add photos of the finished tablets tomorrow.

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