Home Studio Tour of an Amateur Sculptor

My favorite space in the house is my art studio where I sculpt. It used to be my husband’s home office but he now works in the house in an extra bedroom and let me have the guest house living/dining/ and kitchen space for my studio. We do have the treadmill in there as it’s too heavy to go in the house, but other than that, I have a great place to work!

I especially am grateful for the old cement slab as a floor because plaster casting and making rubber molds are both messy processes. I still lay down tarp when I do those kinds of projects, but I don’t have to fret if something dribbles.

At the moment, we don’t have the cabinets that my friend, Shannon, donated from her old kitchen, hung up yet but I sure do need them! Also, the industrial sink is not installed yet. Hubby needs some spare time to get that set up.

But I have my work bench, easels for reliefs, sculpting stands and equipment stands in place. We still have a huge desk to give away and for now it’s being stored in my studio space. I also ordered a huge rack with six wire shelves for drying sculptures, but we have to get the ornamental bakers rack out first.

It’s hard to believe that I couldn’t imagine filling that baker’s rack with sculptures five years ago.. it was just a ‘dream’. But today, it barely holds anything because my sculptures are all too big. ❤ Proof that dreams do come true!

My biggest struggle in this space is lack of good lighting. My husband hung two big fluorescent lights for me which is a huge help! If I need natural lighting, I just roll my stand or easel to the french doors and I can work, at least during the day.

Even with several sculptures in the house, my studio is starting to fill up! Once day, we may need to build deep wooden shelves with 2×4′ supports so I can put sculptures on it. Life size is .. you know.. big. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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