Bargue Drawing Method – Home Setup

I finally got set up at home to do a few Barge drawing plates between sessions at the school. Thankfully, I have a desktop easel that can sit perpendicular to the surface of my desk.

I still haven’t collected all my supplies. I’m waiting on a mirror to help check for errors. For now, I use my cell phone as a ‘black mirror’. It works great! Gives you a whole new way to ‘see’ so you can easily spot mistakes. After a few hours, you just can’t ‘see’ any more and spot errors.

I pulled out my level that I use when sculpting to help me draw level lines to draw the horizontal and vertical guidelines. But when trying to measure to check my points, I forgot to use a skewer and tried to use my clear ruler to measure. It’s just been too long since my first lesson and I seem to have forgot some of what I learned. Yikes!

This Thursday, I went back to the school which was great! I got three more finished. I had already gotten ‘out of the groove’ but by the third one, things were going great! I was able to finish the last one more accurately in quite a bit less time. Tom and I discussed the fact that I need to draw every day and that will certainly speed up my progress. Great session at the studio!

The different angles of the eyes from Michelangelo’s David are challenging to get oriented to and make a great study. I need to really think on each drawing and try to ‘get’ the lesson it’s designed to convey. Once I finish the eyes, I can start on mouth profiles!

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